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Cooper Landing Brewing Company
September 20, 2022

Over the course of the event, we heard from many local residents about their hopes, concerns, and questions surrounding Unit 395. In addition to our conversations, we asked attendees to write their answers to prompts we had placed around the room. Click on the headers below to learn more about the prompts and see how attendees answered.


SWOT Analysis

Attendees identified what they felt the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the property are. Next to the responses are the number of people who indicated they agreed.

Strengths ⮟

Bypass allows Cooper Landing to function as a town

Increased recreation opportunity +2 agree

Local incentives, large property

Potential positive growth for Cooper Landing if done respectfully +2 agree

Provide small lots for smaller housing units +4 agree

Weaknesses ⮟

Increased second homes with no one to help maintain their properties +2 agree

Breaking up our current community by creating a new "resort" town +4 agree

Need diversified employment that pays well not just fishing

Could affect animal crossings/paths

Cost of living and construction high +1 agree

Connectivity between housing and emergency services is challenging +1 agree

Limited access

Opportunities ⮟

Affordable housing

Mountain bike loop through property back to Resurrection Trailhead

Nordic ski and snow machine use +4 agree

Opportunity for recreation center or activity center to support a healthy community +1 agree

Connect with funding to do planning for making improvements and economic development connected to recreational trails, ie. mountain biking at a community and Eastern Peninsula Scale

Develop partnerships to purchase and develop land for Cooper Landing +1 agree

Opportunity for small business development and growth

Support year-round residents to live and be successful +2 agree

Head tax - end head tax for short term housing +1 agree

Expand winter economy +2 agree

Mountain bike trail system +3 agree

Develop community/neighborhood water system/wells

Sports complex/rec center - keep kids here that want to compete in sports at an advanced level

Economic opportunity if developed for year-round recreation to bring people in and charge for use, with housing for people to maintain those trail systems and rec opportunities

Recreation focus +3 agree

Hut-to-hut and trail system +2 agree

Dog park +1 agree

Threats ⮟

Short term housing and non-local ownership +1 agree

Overloads the dump/transfer station even more

Second homeowners raising property taxes

High land cost and ownership by out of town people +2 agree

Funding of improvement and public safety +1 agree

Distrust between community and borough gov

Not incorporated - little local control +3 agree

Contaminated water sources from bypass +1 agree

No Matter What...

Attendees were given two prompts: no matter what, fix or change... and no matter what, don't change... and asked to fill in the blanks. Next to the responses are the number of people who indicated they agreed.

...Fix or Change ⮟

Provide affordable housing +6 agree

Support locals to stay here +2 agree

Need borough support to local land use and commission +2 agree

Need local control of property and development +2 agree

No more big and expensive lots and housing +3 agree

...Don't Change ⮟

Keep bypass as a bypass - limit access points +5 agree

Maintain viewshed - avoid Anchorage hillside look, homes visible from pond/trail

Quaint feeling of town +6 agree

Keep it scenic! Resurrection pass trail +4 agree

My Great Idea

What do you think the absolute best use of the land is? Below are the great ideas of the attendees and the number of people who agreed with them.

Great Ideas ⮟

Develop local tax that stays in community +1 agree

Local preference for lot sales +2 agree

Borough owned rental lots/housing

Integrate active transportation networks

Electric car charging station and all the money goes to Cooper Landing

Allow many to stay in Cooper Landing for funding services

Rec center +2 agree

Ice rink for hockey, brown ball, ice sports??

Community well +1 agree

Outdoor covered 4 lane bowling alley

Multi-unit housing - affordable +5 agree

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