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Cooper Landing Community Hall
November 16, 2022

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Community Hall on Wednesday! Attendees were shown maps with different land use possibilities and asked to provide feedback. We also asked folks to fill out and share an affordable housing survey.



Any development will have to account for topography, wetlands, existing roads and trails, the Sterling Highway Bypass, wildlife and wildlife movements, and the cultural and historical significance of the area to the Kahtnuht'ana Dena'ina (Kenaitze Indian Tribe).

Workshop Results

We presented four concept maps, each with different levels of development intensity. Attendees were asked to write down what they liked about each concept (yellow sticky notes) and what they did not like (orange sticky notes) before providing their overall impression of each concept. View the results below. If you did not attend and would like to contribute your feedback, use the forms in the Provide Feedback section above.

Key Takeaways ⮟

⮞ The hybrid format was not effective for online participants

⮞ There is a lot of concern about affordable housing in Cooper Landing, but folks are not sure if Unit 395 is the right opportunity to address the issue

⮞ The area is a key cultural site for the Kahtnuht'ana Dena'ina (the people of the federally recognized Kenaitze Indian Tribe) and development would disturb cultural and historical resources

Protecting wildlife and wildlife movements is a priority

Specific Comments ⮟

Attendees were asked to write down what they liked and didn't like about the concept maps. Yellow sticky notes are comments about what attendees liked and orange sticky notes are what attendees did not like.

Overall Impressions ⮟

Using the same voting frames that we used in September, we asked attendees to indicate whether they thought each concept was a good plan for Unit 395. Click on the pictures below to view the results.

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