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Frequently Asked Questions

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When did the KPB get management authority of Unit 395?

Short answer: When the route for the Sterling Highway realignment was finalized.

Longer answer: Cooper Landing recommended Unit 395 for borough selection in 1996; at this point it was state-owned land. In 2001, the Kenai Area Plan designated the parcel as Settlement (for residential or residential and commercial use). The Kenai Area Plan stated that Unit 395 was potentially conveyable to the KPB, but it would depend on which route was chosen for the Sterling Highway realignment. In 2014, the state conditionally approved the conveyance of Unit 395 to the KPB; because the realignment still wasn’t finalized yet, management authority was withheld. After the new Sterling Highway route was finalized, the state was able to convey management authority to the KPB.

Read more about the State of Alaska Municipal Entitlement Process here.

What is the KPB's role in this project?

The Kenai Peninsula Borough manages Unit 395 and are overseeing the land planning project. All reports are sent to the KPB for use in their decision making.

Who are the consultants?

Several consultants worked on this project, with RESPEC being the primary firm.


What is going to come out of this project?

We have created a Land Use Master Plan and recommended reclassification of Unit 395 to Resource Management.

What does this have to do with the Sterling Highway realignment?

The highway realignment passes through Unit 395 (the yellow dashed line on the map). The 1996 Cooper Landing Land Use Plan states there should be no access to the parcel from the new highway realignment. The team working on the Unit 395 Land Planning project is not involved with the Sterling Highway realignment project.

When will Unit 395 be developed?

The land planning project is just an exploratory visioning study, so no development is happening yet. After the KPB receives all the reports, they will make decisions about if and how they will develop Unit 395. There are ongoing explorations into resource extraction opportunities within the parcel; more information about those opportunities and timelines will be made available as possible. View the development concepts on the maps & photos page to see where the materials sites are located.

How do I share my opinions on Unit 395?

This particular plan has been finalized, but if you have questions about the future of Unit 395 please contact Marcus Mueller at

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